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    Keb's mini goals



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    Keb's mini goals

    Post by Kebbell on Thu May 26, 2016 5:29 pm

    Hey, I'm a big fan of Runescape but due to just life i can't commit too much time to it. Because of that, i can't go for goals like max or all pets because i know its almost an impossibility, so i thought id make myself a number of small goals that could be easily achievable in my free time over summer.

    Firstly, i've been trying to learn sire for the past 2 days (i'm so bad at it), but annoyingly enough for some i got myself an unsired drop:


    it turned out to be a spine, so my first goal is to finish off the bludgeon. If anyone has any good sire advice then feel free to fire it my way...

    After this, i also want to get myself to a 1B overall bank value, which is currently sitting at around the 300m mark (340m when i finish my damn bludgeon).

    i also want to have all the hard diaries done as well as the fremmy elite, which is also pretty achievable.

    Lastly, i want to get myself 2 more pets (this isn't something ill farm, but something i hope will happen in the process of going for a 1B bank), if anyone is curious, i already have the zulrah pet, which i got at 111 KC, and its currently my only pet.

    If anyone has any tips/advice for doing this that would be great, and if anyone has any other small goals/achievements that they think i should go for then let me know (just remember i play quite casually, so dont ask me to get 99rc or get all boss drops haha)
    Cold Ham

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    Re: Keb's mini goals

    Post by Cold Ham on Sat May 28, 2016 10:12 pm

    Kebbell its good to see you made some goals for yourself over the summer!! I have not personally done sire so i cant give u any advice on it. I will say with every grind your gonna have moments when ur so freakin dry/pissed off.... dont give up. little cheesy for me to say that but rs really is one big grind... and grinding is tough lol. i look forward to you posting updates regarding your sire achievements/bank updates Very Happy

    (if u get pet core ill end you)


    jk^ l0l

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