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    'Yall Gnomey' RSN


    Yall Gnomey

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    'Yall Gnomey' RSN

    Post by Yall Gnomey on Mon May 23, 2016 4:15 am

    Total Level: 1785

    Overall XP:  108,929,925

    My previous 2 clans: N/A. Fresh to PvM Clans.

    I want to join Mixscape because...: I'm really looking forward to the PvM aspect of OSRS. I've just about maxed my combat and I'm looking to have an enjoyable time doing PvM with a clan. I'm happy to grind to achieve requirements if necessary. Will be maxing prayer and range within the next fortnight or so.

    Please provide a picture with your RSN and Total level in one screenshot:

    Sorry, the BBCode wouldn't scale it to size.
    I have read the Requirements and Rules and want to become a part of Mixscape:
    Yes. Really looking forward to joining you guys. Thanks for your time in contemplating my application.
    ~Yall Gnomey.

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